Breast Augmentation Options for Bad Credit History Scores

A very flexible company for financing breast implants and other cosmetic surgery procedures I have discovered that I want to tell you about is I found this company because I had had several inquiries by email about financing breast implants from people with a bad credit history or no credit history at all and I thought I should investigate the options for my readers.

So how do you finance plastic surgery when you know already that your credit history is not exactly that great? Some of the companies that provide financing solutions for breast implant surgery such as CapitalOne or CareCredit will help you with financing if your credit is excellent. For less than a perfect credit history, they will also help you, but they will charge you a higher interest rate on your loan for the cosmetic surgery procedure which means that your procedure will actually cost you more in the long run. is a very flexible financing company in this way. For the people who are rejected by a company such as CapitalOne or MyMedicalLoan, Patient offers an alternative. They offer good terms, good interest rates and will decide your interest rate after an investigation reveals your credit score. They promise to offer you the best rate whether you have good, marginal or bad credit. Their lenders work with all credit types. They also offer a service to assist in repairing bad credit or offer a way to repair your credit yourself. Patient Outsource claims that they approve more credit applications than CareCredit and Capital One. Rates of approval from Capital One or GE are at about one third of all applicants. Patient Outsource approves over two thirds of all applications. Another benefit of using Patient Outsource is that you choose the doctor you want for your breast augmentation procedure. Plastic surgeons can also use Patient and keep all their fees for the procedure itself.

How do you apply for financing at Is it easy. Go to their website at and you can apply online at If you have other questions, you can also contact them at You will get a quick response.

Thus, as an answer to my readers who have emailed, yes, it is possible to obtain financing for breast implants and other plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures. If companies such as Capital One or MyMedicalLoan reject your application based on your credit score, then you should apply at and find out what they can do for you to help you obtain financing for breast augmentation or other plastic surgery options.

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